Reconditioned – pallets repaired by highly trained personnel and repaired in accordance with the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association’s stringent pallet repair guidelines.

Remanufactured – pallets manufactured to your specifications using a combination of new and recycled materials.

Pallet Sorting

We offer both on-site and off site pallet sortation, which includes a reporting system, which enables customers to manage their pallet logistics better.

We provide accurate daily, weekly and monthly spreadsheets and color graphs and charts that make it easy to visualize the customer’s pallet efficiency.


On site pallet management 

We offer pallet personnel who work on site at our customer’s facility to sort and repair pallets.

On site pallet management reduces the customer’s handling costs and frees up management’s time to devote to other pressing issues.

On site pallet management creates an efficient way of handling third party pallets and reduces the customers exposure to injuries in handling heavy pallets.

Disposal & Recycling

Titan Pallet recognizes the responsibility to care for our environment and works hard in eliminating the pallet disposal problems facing our landfills today.

Titan Pallet dismantles worn out and odd size pallets for recycling efforts however, when components cannot be utilized in pallet construction those components are disposed of and ground into a mulch used in landscaping, fuel chips and other various wood-based by-products derived from pallet operations.

Just-in-time delivery

Titan Pallet maintains inventory levels and prides itself in meeting those "emergency – I am out of pallets" requests.

We offer drop off trailers so that the customers can use the pallets as needed thereby maximizing your valuable warehouse space.


Titan Pallet utilizes its own fleet of trucks and trailers for delivery and pallet retrieval. Our fleet of trucks and our numerous loading docks assures our customer of on-time delivery or pick-ups.

Electronic Data Interchange

Titan Pallet can accommodate your billing or ordering needs electronically from fax or Internet. Titan Pallet will meet your billing needs.

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